Twin Life

People have said "It must be easy having twins because you are such experts with all the kids you have."

News flash: having lots of kids does not make me an expert, nor does it make having twins any easier! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the words of encouragement and the major misconception that my wife and I have everything figured out as far as parenting goes, but it's just not reality, especially where twins are involved. My wife and I used to tell people that God never gave us twins because He knew we couldn't handle them! Now we get to eat our words, and take care of twins, at the same time. Now more than ever I find that we do everything, and take care of twins at the same time. It's just the nature of having twins, you learn to adapt and do some major multitasking. I am thankful that I didn't have twins first, my heart really goes out to first time parents of twins, it's hard. One parent of twins I met said "Everything with twins is not just double, it's exponential!" I've never experienced a bigger understatement, twins is by far the hardest thing I've ever done. I've always said that having children is both the hardest and most amazing thing I will ever do, that takes on special meaning with twins, because as hard as it is, it is also a huge double blessing.

Having six kids first, then having the twins has been a blessing in two big ways. First, it's given me perspective, I know that each phase only lasts so long, teething, potty training, learning to walk, talk, and all of those other little life adjustments that take place when having babies and young children. All those things, though in the moment are tough, having walked through them a few times already has given us a bit more patient endurance to deal with them now, times two. The second blessing of having so many kids on top of twins is the fact that they all lend a hand. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without my oldest son. Everyone helps, but Isaac goes above and beyond. He changes diapers, straps on a baby carrier, and overall does all the things a parent does, and rarely complains. It helps as well that Isaac is now as tall as I am, it's like having another adult in the house! My kids are fantastic with the babies, they have their moments when they're tired and don't want to deal with the constant nature of caring for twins, but for the most part they all help out with caring for the twins.

Words of advise for future parents of twins or otherwise: strengthen your core, you'll be bearing some weight, especially with twins; get sleep when you can, sleep deprivation is a real thing! Remember to be patient with your spouse and other children, you're all in it together; and always remember that the tough phases only last so long, and there is great reward at the other end!

All in all, twin life is crazy and fantastic, and I can't wait to see what's in store for us as we travel this crazy road together!

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